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Educational Resources

The Northeast Regional Office (NERO) supports efforts to educate students of all ages about the marine environment, and about other aspects of NOAA’s responsibilities. The following links might be helpful to teachers and students seeking to find out more about the oceans and atmosphere. Teachers with specific requests about the NERO or educational outreach speakers may call 978-281-9300.

  NOAA Websites

NOAA Sea Life CycleThe primary compilation of information for students and teachers about all aspects of NOAA’s activities can be found at:

To ask specific questions from NOAA or to read the answers to questions others have asked:

For information about the National Marine Fisheries Service and living marine resources such as fish, whales, sea turtles, coral, etc.:

For information about the National Weather Service:

For information about other aspects of oceans, coasts and atmospheric science:

For information focused on New England waters:

For information focused on Mid-Atlantic waters:Fisheries Ecosystem

We are also providing links to some non-NOAA sites that we have found useful for educators.

Jobs, Internships, & Volunteer Programs

Specially for KidsNOAA Fisheries Service Acting Assistant Administrator Jim Balsiger and Sherman's Lagoon Shark


Last Updated: June 13, 2012

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