Fishing Vessels


As a science-based agency that serves the public interest, the NOAA Fisheries Service collects data in support of scientific research and ocean and fisheries management authorities. Data sets may include information associated with protected resources, habitat characterization, scientific surveys, and fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries Service is now making available a comprehensive listing and point of contact for our Northeast Region Data sets, which are used in preparing environmental impact assessment, scientific research, coastal and marine spatial planning and for other purposes. These data sets may be housed in different locations including the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, the Northeast Regional Office, and the Headquarters Office in Silver Spring, MD.


Data Sets

NOAA Fisheries Service recently established a policy directive that guides procedures, decisions, and actions regarding data, information ownership, and information management throughout the agency.   It is in accordance with the President's December 8, 2009, Directive on Open Government (M-10-06), which established the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration as the cornerstones of an open government requiring timely publication of quality information.  We are currently in the process of developing guidance for implementation of this data and information management policy.