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Mariner Training Resources

A Prudent Mariner’s Guide to Right Whale Protection CD-ROM
Version 1.1 - Updated April 2009

NOAA Fisheries is pleased to announce a computer-based, interactive guide and training resource for shipboard operations as they relate to avoiding ship-strike interactions with North Atlantic right whales.

Produced by NOAA Fisheries and the U.S. Coast Guard, with input from the shipping industry, non-governmental organizations, and Florida and Georgia state resource management agencies, this interactive CD program provides key educational and support information intended for shipboard operations in areas where North Atlantic right whales may be present. Focused on operations along the Atlantic Coast of North America, the program delivers crew training information about right whales, including an introduction to right whales, recommended navigational actions when operating in right whale habitat, a guide to reporting sightings of dead or injured right whales, an informative video presentation, and a short follow-up quiz. Additionally, the program includes guidelines for compliance with the Mandatory Ship Reporting Systems, including an innovative, interactive report generation program.


NOAA Roght Wha;e CD Cover
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This CD should be used as part of a shipboard right whale protection management program, which includes training, planning, sighting collection and vessel operations.

To request a copy for review or several copies for distribution to your vessel fleet, please email Michael.Asaro@noaa.gov.

Click Here for instructions on downloading and creating a copy of our A Prudent Mariner’s Guide to Right Whale Protection CD-ROM.

For more information on the Ship Strike Reduction Program, please contact
Peter Kelliher at 978-282-8474 or Peter.Kelliher@noaa.gov

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Last Updated: January 22, 2015

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