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Welcome to the Northeast Regional Office - Amendment 10 Updates

NOAA Fisheries Service announces new regulations implementing Amendment 10 to the Atlantic Sea Scallops Fishery Management Plan.  The final rule published on June 23, 2004.  The new DAS allocations are effective on June 23, 2004, and with the exception of the 4-inch minimum ring size
outside of the Hudson Canyon assess area, all other measures are effective July 23, 2004, including the 4-inch minimum ring size requirement in the Hudson Canyon Access Area.  The new dredge ring size restriction for all areas is effective December 23, 2004.


A summary of the new regulations are available by clicking here.  A complete copy of the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery regulations are available by clicking here.

Amendment 10 was developed by the New England Fishery Management Council to establish a long-term, comprehensive program to manage the sea scallop fishery. The new management approach includes an area rotation management program to maximize scallop yield. Area rotation would close and re-open areas based on the condition and size of the scallop resource in discrete areas. Amendment 10 also contains measures intended to make the management program more effective and efficient. Amendment 10 includes the following management measures:

  • an initial area rotation closed area,
  • a controlled access area,
  • area specific days-at-sea (DAS) for
    the area rotation program,
  • DAS allocations for the 2004 and 2005
    fishing years,
  • an increase in the minimum ring size for scallop dredge gear,
  • an increase in the minimum twine top mesh size for scallop dredges,
  • a new possession limit restriction for limited
    access scallop vessels fishing outside of
  • set-asides of total allowable catch (TAC) and DAS to pay for scallop resource and fishery-related research,
  • set-asides of TAC and DAS to help defray the cost of at-sea observers,
  • a new biennial framework process, and
  • a process to address interactions between the scallop fishery and species protected under the Endangered Species Act
  • area closures to minimize the impacts of the scallop fishery on EFH
  • measures to minimize bycatch and bycatch mortality
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Scallop Refer to this Page for Newly Available NOAA Fisheries Information Related to Amendment 10.
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