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Electronic Vessel Trip Reporting

Operators have the option to submit their VTRs electronically.  Electronic reporting will make the collection of important data on fishing vessel activity more efficient, convenient, and timely for the fishing industry, fishery managers, and other data users. eVTR, has been authorized for all Northeast Region federally permitted vessels. 

eVTR Software

At present, the following software applications are confirmed to meet the technical requirements of eVTR submissions.  

To inquire about FLDRS software, contact:

To inquire about Electric Edge FACTS™ software, contact;

To inquire about Ecotrust Canada Elog software, contact;

To inquire about Olrac DDL software, contact;

To inquire about SAFIS software, contact;

To Obtain an eVTR Password

All vessel operators who will be completing an eVTR must obtain a confidential password. This password will serve as an electronic signature and is required to submit an eVTR. To obtain an eVTR password, please contact Alison Ferguson at NOAA Fisheries at 978-281-9188 or

For Additional eVTR Support, contact

eVTR Software Developers

All eVTR software applications must meet specific technical requirements.  NMFS will test and confirm to developers if their applications meet the requirements.  A list of confirmed applications will be maintained on this webpage. 

Click here for the current eVTR Technical Requirements and below for associated eVTR support tables: