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Greater Atlantic Region Vessel Permit Data

The following files are a list of the active permit holders of NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region Vessel, Dealer, Vessel Operator, and Tuna permits. Please be aware that this information is only a summary of the permit information. Further, the information provided does not reflect agreements that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has no knowledge of regarding any reservation of permit rights by the current or any previous owner upon sale of a vessel. The information contained on this site does not guarantee that these permits can be renewed or applied for in the future. This information is advisory only and does not represent the baseline information for any vessel, which includes limited access scallop or multispecies vessel baseline information, used to determine vessel upgrade or replacement eligibility. The National Marine Fisheries Service reserves the right to make a final determination regarding a vessel's eligibility for any permit.

The NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region Permit Data are in two formats: Microsoft Excel Worksheet (XLS) and Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File (CSV).

A more detailed description of each Greater Atlantic permit program can be found at the Permits website or on the Initial Vessel Permit Application and the Initial Dealer Permit Application.

2016 Vessel Permits

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