Other Programs

Vessel Replacement, Upgrade, and Confirmation of Permit History Applications

If you are requesting a vessel replacement, a vessel upgrade or a confirmation of permit history, Download this application package. If requesting a vessel replacement, you must also download and submit a complete initial vessel permit application.

Review guidance concerning vessel ownership requirements for the purpose of processing vessel replacements. Click here for current guidelines. For further information please contact the Sustainable Fisheries Division at 978-281-9315.

Exempted Fishing Permits, Temporary Possession Permits, Exempted Educational Activity Authorizations, and Letters of Acknowledgement

If you are requesting the above permits or authorizations, Read this before applying.

High Seas Fishing Permit

If you are requesting a High Seas Fishing Permit, Click here.

Atlantic Tunas Fishing Permit

If you are requesting an Atlantic Tunas Fishing Permit, Click here.

Surfclam & Ocean Quahog Cage Tag Transfer Form

If you are requesting a Surfclam & Ocean Quahog cage tag transfer form, Click here.

Dolphin and Wahoo Fishery Permits

If you are interested in Southeast Region Vessel Permit, Dealer Permit, and Operator Card Requirements in the Atlantic Dolphin-Wahoo Fishery in Federal Waters of the Atlantic, Click here.

For further information please call 978-281-9370 ext. 6438.