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2016 B-WET Projects

Salem Sound Coastwatch (corporate name Salem Sound 2000 Inc. )

School to Sea in Salem (Three year request: $197,669)

Salem Sound Coastwatch in Salem, Massachusetts proposes to implement a three-year program, School to Sea, with the Salem middle schools and Boys and Girls Club. School to Sea will offer a comprehensive ocean literacy program that provides professional development training and Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences (MWEEs) for Salem’s middle school students, a largely low-income and underserved population. Salem Sound Coastwatch will create a professional working relationship with Salem middle school teachers to develop locally relevant curriculum and co-teaching opportunities that use MWEEs to meet the Next Generation Science Standards. Up to 60 Salem middle school teachers and other area educators will attend Summer Institutes along with multiple school-year professional development workshops. Up to 1,165 students will participate in in-school and field opportunities that include watershed investigations, with an emphasis on stewardship, increasing their connections to living marine resources and their local coastal environment. Collaboration with the Salem Girls and Boys Club educators will amplify the School to Sea community to include 8 to 10-year-old club members while providing leadership and career opportunities for Salem teens.