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GARFO GIS Committee

At GARFO, the GIS Program is coordinated by a committee comprised of the GIS Specialist and representatives from a range of programs within the office.  The committee convenes monthly and is responsible for prioritizing GIS needs, establishing data quality standards, ensuring communication across the programs, and providing skill development and training.

GARFO GIS Committee Members

Division   Representative
GIS Specialist   Dean-Lorenz Szumylo
Sustainable Fisheries   Doug Potts
Habitat Conservation   William McDavitt
Protected Resources   Michael Asaro
Operations and Budget   Vacant
Stakeholder Engagement   Greg Power
Analysis and Program Support   Benjamin Galuardi
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)   Timothy Cardiasmenos


GARFO GIS Committee Mission Statement

National Marine Fisheries Service is the steward of living marine resources for the benefit of the nation through science-based conservation and management and promotion of the health of their environment.  Conservation and management of marine resources is inherently geospatial.  The Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO) Geographic Information System (GIS) Committee strives:

GARFO GIS Committee Service Areas

Project Management

Capacity Building

Data & Analysis Quality


GARFO GIS Specialist:
Dean-Lorenz Szumylo
(978) 282-8479