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Point Pleasant, NJ

The community of Point Pleasant is located in Ocean County in the state of New Jersey. As of the 2010 United States Census, the borough's population was 18,392 and encompasses an area of 4.167 square miles. Point Pleasant supports a large recreational fishing fleet and a small commercial fleet targeting fluke, squid, silver and red hake, and scallops (mostly in local waters) and surfclams among other valuable species.

Celebrating Fishing

Sea culture is evident in the community events held each year. Festival of the Sea is an event held every September since 1975 where area restaurants present local seafood dishes. The Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association holds the yearly two-day Mako Mania, considered by many to be the premier shark-fishing tournament in New Jersey.

Recreational Fisheries

Point Pleasant, located along the Manasquan Inlet, is known as a destination for recreational fishermen. Fishermen travel from all over the state and beyond to fish from the numerous party and charter boats, from their own private recreational boats, or to participate in surf-fishing from several key spots. Much of the economy of Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach is based on tourism, and a substantial segment of the tourist population travels to this area to fish. The Recreational Fishing Alliance has played a large role in lobbying the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and the State to minimize restrictions for the economic health of the recreational fishery. Other recreational fishing groups are also active in Point Pleasant. The Jersey Coast Anglers Association is an association of over 75 saltwater fishing clubs throughout the state. Founded in 1981, the purpose of the organization is to unite and represent marine sport anglers to work towards common goals. Also, the Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association was formed in 1981 with the goals of enhancing the recreational fishing industry and to improve the coastal fishery.

Commercial Fisheries

The Fishermen's Dock Cooperative on Channel Drive in Point Pleasant Beach is one of two active fishing cooperatives in New Jersey. The Co-op markets its members’ catch, and offers them fuel, packing, and ice at a discounted rate. The development of the shellfishery here has been very important to maintaining a commercial fishing industry in Point Pleasant. Surfclams and ocean quahogs are an essential part of this port’s industry, with many other fisheries increasing in development as well. In fact, the number of home port vessels, landings, and the level of fishing has actually increased over the last several years for both Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach.

Top species harvested in port: surfclams, ocean quahogs, scallops, summer flounder, scup, black sea bass, lobster.