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Portsmouth, Rye and Newington, NH

New Hampshire may have a small coastline and a small commercial fishery, but countless fishermen have been operating out of its ports for hundreds of years. Fishing, farming, shipbuilding, and coastal trade were the major industries throughout New Hampshire in the 1600s.

The Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative in Seabrook is a landing site and central wholesaling site for the small local fleet that land at both the Rye fish pier and directly at the Co-op. Another important landing location is the Portsmouth Fish Pier. The New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen’s Association represents both lobstering and groundfishing, the major components of New Hampshire’s commercial fishing industry. In Newington, the Little Bay Lobster Company harvests lobsters and delivers them nationally and internationally. In Portsmouth, the New England Marine and Industrial, Inc. sells industrial supplies and commercial fishing gear. Salty’s Lobster Company, Pelago’s Seafood Inc., Defiant Lobster Company, Jones  Lobster Fisherman Inc., and Oceans Unlimited Seafoods Inc. are wholesalers and retailers of seafood. New Hampshire Community Seafood, and Eastman's Local Catch are local Community Supported Fisheries (CSF).  A CSF is like a farm share, but for fish. 

In 2013, state seafood landings were around 8 million pounds estimated to be worth about $20 million dollars. 

Top species harvested in port: Groundfish, Monkfish, Lobster, Dogfish, Scallop, Herring.