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Habitat Conservation Division Staff List

The following is a list of the staff in the Habitat Conservation Division. The list contains staff member's name, position title, phone number and e-mail address.

Name Position Activities/States Phone Number E-Mail Address
Regional Office: NOAA Fisheries, HCD, 55 Great Republic Dr., Gloucester, MA 01930; Fax: 978-281-9301
Lou Chiarella Assistant Regional Administrator Regional Program Administration 978-281-9277
Chris Boelke NE Field Office Supervisor Regulatory program - New England and Hydropower 978-281-9131
Kathy Middleton Division Secretary Regional administrative assistance 978-281-9102
David Stevenson Marine Habitat Resource Specialist Regional Fisheries Management Council Coordination 978-281-9118
Alison Verkade Marine Habitat Resource Specialist EFH Consultation for CT, RI and MA (South of Boston Harbor) 978-281-9266
Mike Johnson Marine Habitat Resource Specialist EFH Consultations MA (Boston Harbor and North), NH and ME 978-281-9130
Susan Tuxbury Fishery Biologist Offshore Renewable Energy and Hydropower 978-281-9176 
Jenna Pirrotta Environmental Specialist FHWA programmatic approaches for EFH/section 7 consultations Maine to Virginia 978-675-2176
Sean McDermott Marine Habitat Resource Specialist Hydropower Coordinator 978-281-9113
Bill McDavitt Environmental Specialist Hydropower 978-675-2156
Jill Ortiz Marine Habitat Resource Specialist Communication/Outreach 978-281-9312
Sandy Hook (NJ) Field Office: James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory, 74 Magruder Rd., Highlands, NJ  07732; Fax: 732-872-3077
Karen Greene Mid-Atlantic Field Office Supervisor Regulatory Program - Mid-Atlantic; Regional EFH Coordination 732-872-3023
Ursula Howson Environmental Specialist EFH Consultations in NJ/NY and programmatic consultations 732-872-3116
Kelly Kastritsios Administrative Assistant   732-872-3039
Annapolis (MD) Field Office: 177 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Annapolis, MD  21401
Michelle Magliocca Marine Habitat Resource Specialist EFH Consultations in DE, PA, and MD (Eastern shore). NJ Delaware River and Bay Region. Offshore Wind for VA/MD/DE/NJ 410-573-4559
Kristy Beard Marine Habitat Resource Specialist EFH Consultations in MD (Western shore - includes Potomac R., Baltimore Harbor, and Susquehanna R.) 410-573-4542
Gloucester Point (VA) Field Office: Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062; Fax: 804-684-7910
Dave O'Brien Marine Habitat Resource Specialist EFH Consultations in VA 804-684-7828 David.L.O'