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Highway Activities

Streamlining Consultations for Transportation Activities

NOAA Fisheries and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed several documents to streamline Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) consultations for transportation projects. The Consultation Process Guide and Best Management Practices Manual are applicable for all FHWA transportation projects occurring in the Greater Atlantic Region. The FHWA Programmatic EFH Consultation is an interagency effort to streamline EFH consultations for a subset of routine transportation projects. Projects that are ineligible require individual EFH consultation through existing procedures.

Please submit any completed FHWA GARFO Programmatic EFH Consultation Verification Form as a fillable PDF to, together with any project plans, maps, supporting analysis, etc.

Consultation Process Guide

Best Management Practices Manual and BMP Spreadsheet

EFH Memo and Programmatic EFH Consultation

Fillable Verification Form- Appendix B – Updated August 20, 2018. Please download, complete, and submit electronically as a fillable PDF.

June 2018 Webinar - NMFS/FHWA ESA s7 and EFH Programmatic Consultations:

PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording of Presentation

Photo Credit:  NOAA Fisheries/Chris Boelke