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EFH Assessment

Consultations and EFH Assessment Worksheet

When a federal agency authorizes, funds, or undertakes an action that may adversely affect essential fish habitat (EFH), they must consult with NOAA Fisheries on that action. An adverse effect to EFH is any direct or indirect effect that reduces the quality and/or quantity of the habitat and range from large-scale ocean uses to small-scale projects along the coast. NOAA Fisheries provides advice and recommendations to the federal agency to avoid, reduce, or compensate for these adverse effects.

As part of the EFH consultation, federal agencies must submit an EFH assessment to NOAA Fisheries. Your EFH assessment must include:

Our EFH Assessment Worksheet is designed to assist in determining whether a consultation is necessary and in preparing EFH assessments. This worksheet should be used as your EFH assessment or as a guideline for the development of your EFH assessment. At a minimum, all the information required to complete this worksheet should be included in your EFH assessment. If the answers in the worksheet do not fully evaluate the adverse effects to EFH, we may request additional information in order to complete the consultation.  

Your analysis of adverse effects to EFH under the MSA should focus on impacts to the habitat for all life stages of species with designated EFH, rather than individual responses of fish species. Fish habitat includes the substrate and benthic resources (e.g., submerged aquatic vegetation, shellfish beds, salt marsh wetlands), as well as the water column and prey species.

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