Golden Crab (Chaceon fenneri)

Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) for Golden Crab:

Essential fish habitat for the Golden Crab includes the U.S. Continental Shelf from Chesapeake Bay south through the Florida Straights (and into the Gulf of Mexico). In addition the Gulf Stream is an essential fish habitat because it provides a mechanism to disperse golden crab larvae. The seven essential fish habitat types include: a flat foraminiferan ooze habitat; distinct mounds, primarily of dead coral; ripple habitat; dunes; black pebble habitat; low outcrop; and soft-bioturbated habitat.

Golden crab maximum abundance occurs between 367 and 549 meters in the South Atlantic Bight. Information on sediment composition suggests that golden crab abundance is influenced by sediment type with the largest catches on substrates containing a mixture of silt-clay and foraminiferan shell.