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NOAA Fisheries Proposes Catch Limits for the 2016-17 Red Hake Fishery

NOAA Fisheries seeks comments on the proposed 2016-2017 annual catch limits for the southern and northern stocks of red hake, as recommended by the New England Fishery Management Council.

The 2015 stock assessment update showed an increase in the northern red hake stock and a decrease in the southern red hake stock. Thus, this rule proposes to increase the northern red hake catch limits and decrease the southern red hake catch limits.

Table: Comparison between proposed 2016-2017 red hake catch limits and 2014 catch and landings, in metric tons.

  Northern Red Hake Southern Red Hake
Proposed ACL 471 mt 1,631 mt
2014 Catch 278 mt 1,277 mt
% of Proposed ACL 56% 74%
Proposed TAL 120 mt 746 mt
2014 Landings 74 mt 603 mt
% of Proposed TAL 62% 81%


For more information, read the proposed rule as published in the Federal Register, and the Supplemental Information Report.

Send in your comments using the online portal or by regular mail to:

John K. Bullard, Regional Administrator
National Marine Fisheries Service
55 Great Republic Drive
Gloucester, MA 01930


Please mark the outside of the envelope, "Comments on the Proposed Rule for Red Hake."

Comments are due on April 22.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Goebel at 978-281-9175 or email