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NOAA Fisheries Announces Catch Limits for the 2016-2018 Atlantic Bluefish Fishery

NOAA Fisheries announces 2016-2018 annual catch limits for Atlantic bluefish for both recreational and commercial fisheries. 

The Bluefish Fishery Management Plan requires that 17 percent of the ACL be allocated to the commercial fishery, with the remaining 83 percent allocated to the recreational fishery.

The 2016 commercial quota is 4.88 million lb, which is a 7 percent reduction from the 2015 quota (5.24 million pounds). This includes a transfer of 1,577,295 pounds from the recreational to the commercial sector, consistent with the provisions of the fishery management plan.

The 2016 recreational harvest is 13.15 million pounds, which is a 1 percent increase from 2015 (12.95 million pounds). 

More information, as well as a table of state commercial quotas (page 2), is available in the permit holder bulletin and the final rule as filed in the Federal Register

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