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Northern Red Hake Possession Limit Reduced Effective August 16, 2016

August 15, 2016

We are reducing the northern red hake commercial possession from 1,500 lbs to 400 lbs per day effective August 16, 2016.

Federally permitted vessels fishing for northern red hake may not exceed the 400 lbs per trip commercial possession limit for the remainder of the 2016 fishing year (through April 30, 2017).

The fishery management plan requires this trip limit reduction when the northern red hake fishery has reached or exceeded 62.5% of the total allowable landings.

Vessels that are on a trip when this possession limit reduction becomes effective may keep northern red hake up to the former possession limit of 1,500 lbs.

For more details, read the notice (pdf) as filed in the Federal Register and the permit holder bulletin (pdf).

Questions? Contact Reid Lichwell, Regional Office, at 978-281-9112 or