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NOAA Fisheries Announces Revised 2016-2017 Red Hake Catch Limits

June 28, 2016

Today, NOAA Fisheries announces the 2016-2017 red hake catch limits. We published catch limits for red hake last year, but new stock assessment information prompted the New England Fishery Management Council to request a stock assessment update.

The stock assessment update showed an increase in the size of the northern red hake stock and a decrease in the southern red hake stock.

This rule increases the northern red hake annual catch limits for 2016 and 2017 to provide additional fishing opportunities and to avoid unnecessary discards, without increasing the risk of overfishing. 

The rule also decreases the southern red hake catch limits to reduce the risk of overfishing, even though southern red hake landings have been below the limits.      

For more details, read the permit holder letter (pdf) ,supplemental documents, and the final rule as filed in theFederal Register this morning.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Goebel, Regional Office, at 978-281-9175 or