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Closure of Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop Management Area on May 13

May 11, 2016

Because the 2016 total allowable catch for the Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop (NGOM) Management Area has been fully harvested, NOAA Fisheries is required to close the area to all federally permitted scallop vessels.

This closure goes into effect on Friday, May 13, and will remain in effect through February 28, 2017.

Vessels that have properly declared a trip into the area and have crossed the demarcation line before 0001 on May 13 may complete their trip and retain and land scallops caught in the area.

All scallop vessels fishing on a day-at-sea must exit the area before 0001 on May 13.

Vessels issued a NGOM scallop permit (category LAGC B) may continue to fish in the Maine state waters portion of the NGOM Scallop Management Area under the State Waters Exemption program provided they have a valid Maine state scallop permit and fish in Maine state waters only.

Read the fishery bulletin and notice as filed in the Federal Register this afternoon. More information on the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery is available on our website.

Questions: Please contact Travis Ford at 978-281-9233.