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NOAA Fisheries Announces New Start Date for the Scallop Fishing Year and New Specifications Process

November 2, 2016

NOAA Fisheries announces two changes to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan through Amendment 19:

  1. Change to the fishing year: Beginning in 2018, the scallop fishing year will start on April 1 (changed from March 1)
  2. Creation of a new specifications process (setting the year's catch limits): The Council will now be able to set the annual specifications through a more streamlined process. This will help get catch limits in place by the start of the fishing year and reduce the need for default measures.

Read the final rule implementing Amendment 19 as filed today in the Federal Register, and get more details from the permit holder bulletin
Please note that the 2017 fishing year will start on March 1. 

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