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NOAA Fisheries Announces Adjustments to FY2016 Northeast Multispecies Catch Limits

Jennifer  Goebel (NOAA)
(978) 281-9175
(978) 290-0203 (Cell)
September 1, 2016

NOAA Fisheries announces adjustments to the commercial catch limits for Northeast multispecies for the FY2016 fishing year.

These adjustments are based on changes to sector enrollment, and are routine and formulaic.

Prior the April 30 deadline for permit changes, four vessels left the common pool and joined sectors, bringing sector enrollment to 841 permits.

Sector allocations that became effective May 1 were based on the 837 permits enrolled on March 15. 

The rule filed today in the Federal Register also identifies unused sector allocations from 2015 that may be fished in 2016.