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2017 Bluefish Sector Quota Transfer Adjustment Notice

March 10, 2017

NOAA Fisheries announces that we are increasing the 2017 commercial bluefish quota. This increase is based on a revised transfer from the recreational to the commercial sector of the bluefish fishery. 

Using the most recent estimate of 2016 recreational bluefish landings report released on February 17, we are increasing the transfer amount as set forth in the Atlantic Bluefish Fishery Management Plan.

For the 2017 fishing year, the revised recreational harvest limit is approximately 9.6 million lb (16.6% decrease from 11.5 million lb) and the revised commercial quota is 8.5 million lb (40.7% increase from 6.0 million lb).

The individual state quota allocations have been updated to reflect the sector transfer.

Recreational season and daily possession limits for 2017 remain unchanged.

For more information, read the notice as filed today in the Federal Register, and the permit holder bulletin available on our website.

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