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New England Fishery Management Council Recommends 2018 Recreational Measures for Cod/Haddock

February 1, 2018

The New England Fishery Management Council yesterday asked NOAA Fisheries to take three actions related to the recreational groundfish fishery, covering both the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank. 

First, the Council voted to recommend that NOAA Fisheries implement “status quo” management measures for Gulf of Maine cod and Gulf of Maine haddock for fishing year 2018, unless the Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to allow private recreational anglers to retain one Gulf of Maine cod per trip in fishing year 2018. 

In that case, the Council recommended a 12-fish haddock possession limit and open seasons of June 1-September 16, November 1-February 28, and April 15-30 for private recreational anglers, and a 10-fish haddock possession limit and status quo seasons for the for-hire fleet. 

The minimum size for haddock would remain at 17 inches for both groups.

Second, for Georges Bank cod, the Council voted to recommend that NOAA Fisheries implement a 10-fish bag limit for private, charter, and party boat anglers with an increase in the minimum size from 22 inches up to 24 inches.

Third, the Council requested that NOAA Fisheries publish a revised control date for the charter/party groundfish fishery.

For more details, read the Council's press release.

Questions? Contact Janice Plante, New England Fishery Management Council at 607-592-4817 or Jennifer Goebel, Regional Office at 978-281-9175.