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NOAA Fisheries Announces Adjustments to the Atlantic Herring Management Area Annual Catch Limits for Fishing Year 2018

February 14, 2018

NOAA Fisheries announces adjustments to the 2018 annual catch limits (ACLs) for the Atlantic herring fishery to account for carryover of unharvested catch from fishing year 2016.

Catch information for fishing year 2016 shows that sub-ACLs Areas 1A, 2, and 3 were under harvested and that the overall 2016 stock-wide ACL was not exceeded. Therefore, we are increasing the Area 1A, 2, and 3 2018 sub-ACLs to include the carryover of unharvested catch from the 2016 fishing year.

The stock-wide ACL is not increased by this action and is less than the sum of all four sub-ACLs.

The 2016 Area 1B sub-ACL was exceeded. Therefore, we are deducting this overage from the 2018 Area 1B sub-ACL.

For more details, please read the rule as filed in the Federal Register, and our permit holder bulletin.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Goebel, Regional Office, at 978-281-9175