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Seeking Comments: Summer Flounder Commercial Issues Amendment

March 29, 2018

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council has been preparing an amendment to the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Fishery Management Plan, known as the "Comprehensive Summer Flounder Amendment," to modify aspects of the fishery management plan related to summer flounder commercial and recreational management. 

To avoid delaying the amendment while waiting for updated recreational information, the Council is proposing to move ahead with a revised amendment that would focus on commercial measures: revisions to the current qualification criteria for Federal moratorium permit holders, the current allocation of commercial quota, and the current list of frameworkable items in the Fishery Management Plan, including a provision for commercial landings flexibility. This amendment would revise the Fishery Management Plan goals and objectives for summer flounder only. An Environmental Impact Statement is being prepared for this action.

The Council is taking comments on the Summer Flounder Commercial Issues Amendment, as well as its decision to wait until revised data from the Marine Recreational Information Plan is available before developing an amendment focused on recreational issues, through April 30, 2018.

The Council and Commission intend to initiate a separate action or actions once revised MRIP data become available. This future action is expected to consider revisions to the allocation between the commercial and recreational sectors for summer flounder, as well as several recreational fishery issues. 

Read the notice as published in the Federal Register today. 

Please submit comments to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council by email to with the subject line "Summer Flounder Amendment Scoping Comments." 

You may also submit comments via regular mail or fax to: Christopher M. Moore, Ph.D., Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, 800 N. State Street, Suite 201, Dover, DE 19901. Fax: (302) 674-5399.