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NOAA Fisheries Seeks Comments on Proposed Catch limits for the 2018-2020 Small-mesh Multispecies Fishery

April 13, 2018

NOAA Fisheries is proposing new catch limits for the small-mesh multispecies fishery: northern red hake, southern red hake, northern silver hake, and southern whiting.

In general, the proposed specifications increase the annual catch limits for the northern stocks, and decrease the catch limits for the southern stocks:

Overall, these changes are unlikely to have a significant impact, as most of the small-mesh multispecies fishery does not harvest more than 50 percent of its total allowing landings each year.

The exception to this is the northern red hake stock, which would see total allowable landings increase under the proposed specifications. The proposed increase to the northern stock catch limits may delay the need for in-season accountability measures, avoid unnecessary discards, and allow better use of the fishery resource.

Read the proposed rule as published in the Federal Register, and submit your comments through the online portal.

The comment period is open through April 27, 2018.

You may also submit comments by regular mail to: Michael Pentony, Regional Administrator, Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office, 55 Great Republic Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930. Please mark the outside of the envelope: “Comments on the Proposed Rule for 2018-2020 Small-Mesh Multispecies Specifications.”


Fishing Industry Contact: Cynthia Hanson, Regional Office, 978-281-9180

Media: Jennifer Goebel, Regional Office, 978-281-9175