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NOAA Fisheries Announces 2019-2021 Blueline Tilefish Fishery Specifications

February 11, 2019

Today NOAA Fisheries announced the 2019-2021 quota specifications for the Mid-Atlantic blueline tilefish fishery north of the Virginia/North Carolina border. The total allowable landings (TAL) are 15 percent higher overall than 2018 catch limits.

The commercial fishery TAL increases from 23,263 lb to 26,869 lb.

The commercial possession limit increases from 300 to 500 lb, and will decrease to 300 lb when 70 percent of the commercial TAL is landed.

The recreational fishery TAL increases from 62,262 lb to 71,912 lb.

The recreational possession limits remain unchanged and there is no minimum size.

The recreational season will be open May 1, 2019, through October 31, 2019.

For more information, please read the rule as filed in the Federal Register, and the Bulletin


Fishermen: Contact Douglas Potts, Sustainable Fisheries, 978-281-9341
Media: Contact Allison Ferreira, Regional Office, 978-281-9103.