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Online Permit Application System Now Available

April 24, 2019

We now offer commercial and recreational vessel owners, operators, and dealers in our region the option to complete and submit a suite of permit forms and applications online.

Please note that renewal applications are not available online at this time. For renewals, please call or email the Permits Office.

Permit forms:

  • Initial Dealer Permit
  • Initial Vessel Permit
  • Vessel Operator Permit
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Gillnet tag and annual certification forms

Research Permits: 

  • Letter of Acknowledgement (LOA)
  • Temporary Possession Letter of Authorization
  • Exempted Fishing Permit (EFP)
  • Exempted Educational Activity Authorization (EEAA)
  • Scallop Research Set-Aside Letter of Authorization (RSA LOA)
  • Scientific Research permit (SRP)

Go to Fish Online, our web-based system for vessel permit holders, to submit these forms electronically. Submissions via mail, email, and fax remain options as well.

To access these online applications, create or sign-in to your Fish Online account and click on "Application Forms" in the left margin.


For assistance with Fish Online, call our Help Desk at 978-281-9188.

For assistance with permits, call our Permits Office at 978-282-8438 or send us an email.