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GARFO News Room

NOAA Fisheries Announces Fishing Year 2017 Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Regulations and Provides Updates on Windowpane Flounder Accountability Measures for Groundfish, Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass
NOAA Fisheries Annouces Proposed Rule for Unmanaged Forage Fish in the Mid-Atlantic
NOAA Fisheries Announces Funding Opportunity for Atlantic Salmon and Their Ecosystems
NOAA Fisheries Announces New Voluntary Speed Restriction Zone South of Nantucket
NOAA Fisheries Approves Amendment 18 to Address Fleet Consolidation in Groundfish Fishery
NOAA Fisheries Proposes New Recreational Management Measures for Summer Flounder; No Changes to Scup
NOAA Fisheries Proposes Revised Commercial Black Sea Bass Quotas for 2017-2018
Update on Right Whale Found Dead in Cape Cod Bay; Vessels of all sizes need to be cautious
Young Right Whale Found Dead in Cape Cod Bay, Boaters Urged to Be Cautious
NOAA Fisheries Announces New Voluntary Speed Restriction Zone SSE of Nantucket
NOAA Fisheries Announces New Voluntary Speed Restriction Zone E-NE of Boston
NOAA Fisheries Announces Closure of the Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop Management Area
NOAA Fisheries Announces Framework Adjustment 28 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan
Correction: Gulf of Maine Cod Limit Increase for Small Vessels in Common Pool
Northeast Multispecies Common Pool Vessels Possession and Trip Limit Increase for GOM Cod and Haddock
17 Projects Recommended for 2017-2018 Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside Program Funding
NOAA Announces Increases in Common Pool Gulf of Maine Cod and Haddock Possession and Trip Limits
NOAA Fisheries Announces At-Sea Monitoring 2017 Coverage Levels for Groundfish Sector Fishery
Groundfish Days-at-Sea Leasing Deadline Extended to March 31
NOAA Fisheries Announces Transfer of Yellowtail Flounder Quota from Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery to Groundfish Fishery
2017 Bluefish Sector Quota Transfer Adjustment Notice
Inseason Action for Skate Wing and Skate Bait Fishery
NOAA Fisheries Announces Extension of Voluntary Speed Restriction Zone Around Martha's Vineyard
Greater Atlantic Region Joins Facebook
NOAA Fisheries Announces Voluntary Speed Restriction Zone Around Martha's Vineyard
Notice of Intent to Prepare EIS for Proposed Groundfish Amendment 23
NOAA Fisheries Announces 2017-2019 Atlantic Deep-Sea Red Crab Quotas
Atlantic Scallop Fishermen: Default Measures in Effect March 1
NOAA Fisheries Announces Fishing Opportunities in the NAFO Regulatory Area
NOAA Fisheries Announces Increased Marine Mammal Stranding Response Capacity on Long Island, NY
NOAA's Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Seeks New Members of the Advisory Council
Moriches Bay Humpback Whale Community Meeting Agenda
NOAA Fisheries Announces Reduced Trip Possession Limits for Skate Wings and Bait Fisheries
NOAA Fisheries Proposes Measures for 2017 Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery
Save the Date: Community Meeting on Moriches Bay Whale Response Set for February 7
Update on Stranded Dead Minke Whale Near Flushing Bay, New York
NOAA Fisheries Announces Common Pool Area Closure and Possession Prohibition for Georges Bank Cod
Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument FAQs
Funding Available for Innovative Bycatch Solutions
How Fishermen, Seafood Dealers, and the Public Can Get News from NOAA Fisheries' Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
NOAA Fisheries Proposes to List Oceanic Whitetip Shark as Threatened

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GARFO Stories

  • Humpback Whale Unusual Mortality Event Declared - Since January 2016, elevated humpback whale mortalities have occurred along the Atlantic coast from Maine through North Carolina. A table of stranding numbers by state is below.
  • Meet Our Port Agent Team - The Greater Atlantic Region has port staff strategically located throughout the region and within the communities they serve.
  • GARFO Releases 2016 Year in Review Report - In 2016, we continued to work toward our goals of sustainable use of living marine resources, the conservation of habitats upon which these resources depend, and protection of endangered species and marine mammals. (Credit Jeff McClean/Western Sea)
  • Cape Cod Boaters: Watch Out for Whales - With endangered right whales returning to Cape Cod Bay, we want to take this opportunity to remind mariners to keep a sharp lookout for flippers, spouts, and any signs of whales in the water.
  • Electronic Monitoring in NE Groundfish Fishery - Apr 5: A message from John Bullard, Regional Administrator on electronic monitoring in the New England groundfish fishery
  • Species Recovery Grants Support TurtleCam Research - Apr 4: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries are using a grant from the NOAA Species Recovery Grant program to conduct essential research on endangered leatherback sea turtles.
  • NOAA Seeks Comments on Rec Fishing Plan - We are seeking comments on the Marine Recreational Information Program's five-year Strategic Plan that formalizes MRIP’s longstanding approach to improving saltwater recreational fishing catch and effort estimates.
  • How Removing Dams Changes River Channels - When dams are removed, what happens to the sediments stored behind them? How are the river channels upstream and downstream affected? Find out what NOAA Researchers found.
  • New Videos Showcase Restoration in the Great Lakes - NOAA works with the Great Lakes Commission to restore the Muskegon Lake and St. Marys River Areas of Concern - two Great Lakes "toxic hotspots."
  • Endangered Sea Turtles Return Home - For one sea turtle injured by a fisherman’s hook and 25 cold-stunned (hypothermic) sea turtles that washed up on beaches from Massachusetts to Virginia, February 27 was a landmark day: They were ready to go home!
  • Hannah Goodale: A Career in Fisheries - March 1: We celebrate Women’s History Month sharing this story about one of the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO) woman leaders.
  • New Marine Mammal Stranding Plan for NY - Feb 28: A new marine mammal stranding response plan for New York includes new partner organization, Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, which will work together with Riverhead Foundation to increase response capacity on Long Island.
  • Going with the Flow: Power and Passage - Sea-run fish face some daunting challenges as they migrate, including hydropower dams. How do we ensure there's enough water in the river for migrating fish?
  • Thorny Skate Not Threatened or Endangered - NOAA Fisheries determined that although thorny skate abundance is low compared to historical levels, declines have halted and it remains abundant in the Northwest Atlantic. Read the decision.
  • Who Coordinates the Sea Turtle Stranding Network? - Kate Sampson manages the Sea Turtle Stranding and Disentanglement Network in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, helping save many endangered sea turtles each year.


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