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Green Turtle

Green Turtle (Photo credit: NOAA)


Atlantic sturgeon

Atlantic sturgeon (Photo credit: University of Maine)



Right whale mother and calf (Photo credit: NOAA)

NOAA Fisheries Public Happenings




NOAA Fisheries staff regularly participate in a variety of events and activities around the region. Some events are to honor Earth Day (April 21) or World Oceans Day (June 8), "Endangered Species Day" ( May 18 -- the third friday in May each year) and this year to celebrate the Anniversary of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the 20th Anniversary of the Northeast Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Here is a look at some of what we've got going on!

All events are FREE and Open to the Public.


March 29

Keystone Species Workshop Series: Threatened, Endangered, and Invasive

The NOAA Chesapeake Bay office is holding a workshop series that will bring together scientists and educators to learn about and discuss the history, current understanding, and future outlook for important (keystone) plants and animals in the Chesapeake Bay. • What threatened and endangered species call the Chesapeake Bay home? How does a species become designated as threatened or endangered? During this session they will focus on the recently listed Atlantic Sturgeon and will demonstrate sturgeon lesson plans and activities from the SCUTES (Students Collaborating to Undertake Tracking Efforts for Sturgeon) program. • Invasive species can have a high keystoneness value and a significant impact on the ecosystem. In this part of the workshop they will consider the role of invasive species in the Bay and learn more about those species that are currently having a significant impact.

Where: NOAA’s Environmental Science Training Center in Oxford, Maryland

When: All day

Activities: workshop

Contact: Bart Merrick at or visit for more information

Organizers: NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, NOAA Fisheries’ Northeast Regional Office


April 21

Annual Earth Day Clean up of Mill Pond Estuary

NOAA, the Gloucester Health Department, and other local and national groups, will perform a cleanup of the Mill Pond Estuary.

Where: Adjacent to new tide gate located across from 406 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA

When: 7 am-10 am

Activities: Coastal clean up

Contact: Courtney Groenveld for more information.

Organizers: NOAA Restoration Center


May 17

Evening Lecture: Underwater Behaviour and Conservation of Endangered Whales

David Wiley, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, will talk about new research techniques, like whale tagging and mapping and underwater recording devices to monitor whale sounds, that are providing new information about whales. We are learning more about how endangered humpback and right whales live, and how their lives intersect with human activity. With this information, we can identify better ways to protect and conserve these animals.

Where: NOAA Fisheries Regional Office, 55 Great Republic Drive, Gloucester, MA

When: 7 pm-9 pm

Activities: Evening lecture and exhibit of children's art

Contact: Olivia Rugo at or 978-675-2167 for more information.

Organizers: NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Regional Office, NOAA's Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.


Cape Ann Schools Art Contest: Award Ceremony and Exhibit

Local elementary and middle schools around the Cape Ann area were invited to participate in an Endangered Species Day Art Contest. Drawings consist of endangered and threatened marine species in the Northeast Region and depicted the species’ natural environment and/or the threats and hazards they face. The winners will have our inflatable right whale calf visit their school, and they will be invited to attend our evening lecture at the NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Regional Office (NERO) to receive an award. The art contest entries will be displayed in the NERO lobby from early May through June.

Where: NOAA Fisheries Regional Office, 55 Great Republic Drive, Gloucester, MA

When: 6:30 pm - 7 pm

Activities: Award ceremony and exhibit of student’s art

Contact:Edith Carson at or 978-282-8490 for more information

Organizers: NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Regional Office, NOAA's Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.


May 19

Endangered Species Day at the Bangor Public Library

Staff from NOAA Fisheries Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will provide a variety of family-oriented activities and art projects to highlight  the recovery of endangered species in Maine. Children’s activities will include crafting endangered species masks and wind socks, salmon migration games, and storytelling. The library will also feature a collection of children's books about endangered species. Admission is free and open to the public.

Where: Bangor Public Library, 145 Harlow St., Bangor, ME 

When: 11 am-1 pm

Activities: Family activities and art projects.

Contact: Tara Trinko Lake (NOAA Fisheries Service), 207-866-4238 ; Mark McCullough (USFWS), 207-866-3344 ext. 115,; Christine Erickson (Bangor Public Library)

Organizers: NOAA Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery, and Bangor Public Library


U.S. Coast Guard's Safe Boating Day

Visitors will be treated to demonstrations by the U.S. Coast Guard on signal flare and fire extinguisher use. U.S. Coast Guard, Maritime Gloucester and NOAA staff will also conduct a variety of family friendly activities such as face painting, blubber glove, touch a frozen sturgeon. Interesting facts and information will be available about whales, sea turtles, and protected fish and what to do if you encounter an endangered species while boating. Life-sized models of a leatherback sea turtle, sturgeons and a right whale calf will be on display throughout the day. Other information will be available about recreational boating. The coast guard will also conduct fishing vessel safety examinations. Maritime Gloucester will be hosting an open house exhibiting their tanks filled with local marine life, invasive species, and information about Stellwagen Bank. For more information, visit

Where: U.S. Coast Guard Base & Maritime Gloucester; Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 

When: 9 am-2 pm

Activities: Demonstrations, family activities and open house at Maritime Gloucester.

Contact: Rick Bowen (U.S. Coast Guard), 978-283-0705 Ext. 208; Mary Kay Taylor (Maritime Gloucester),; Edith Carson (NOAA Fisheries Service), 978-282-8490

Organizers: U.S. Coast Guard, Maritime Gloucester, and NOAA Fisheries Service


June 3

New England Aquarium’s Blue Discoveries Family Day: World Oceans Day Celebration

NOAA Fisheries will be joining the New England Aquarium (NEAq) at their World Oceans Day event to promote Endangered Species Day and the 40th Anniversary of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. We will be focusing on endangered species in the Northeast Region such as the North Atlantic right whales, sea turtles, and sturgeon. Blue Discovery Family Days allow participants to learn more about the blue planet through art, science, and storytelling. All activities are included with Aquarium admission, outside activities are free. For more information, visit

Where: New England Aquarium, 1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA

When: 11 am - 4 pm

Activities: Storytelling, family activities

Contact:Edith Carson (NOAA Fisheries Service) -; Hannah Pickard (NEAq) -

Organizers: New England Aquarium and NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Regional Office. Other organizations will also be participating in this event.