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Proposed Interim Management Measures for Groundfish

On January 16, 2009, NOAA's Fisheries Service published a proposed rule in the Federal Register. The proposed rule is to put in place interim measures for fishing year 2009 while the New England Fishery Management Council continues its work on Amendment 16 to the Multispecies Fisheries Management Plan, which will institute measures for 2010. The content of the interim rule is based, in part, on measures recommended to NOAA by the Council. NOAA expanded the recommendations to ensure protection for the stocks most in need, such as yellowtail flounder and winter flounder in southern New England and northern windowpane flounder. The public is invited to comment on a suite of measures for both the commercial and recreational groundfish industry which will help ensure stock rebuilding continues as well as provide opportunities for the industry to target healthy species such as haddock. Submit electronic comments to the e-rulemaking portal at

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