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NOAA Fisheries Service Amends Sea Scallop Regulations

NOAA Fisheries Service Northeast Region recently amended regulations for the Atlantic sea scallop fishery that would adjust the boundaries of the essential fish habitat (EFH) closures. The EFH closures were established under Framework 16 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan (FMP) and Framework 39 to the Northeast Multispecies FMP (Joint Frameworks 16/39). These regulations were revised based on a recent court order ruling in Oceana v. Evans. The court order vacated the EFH closed areas implemented under the Joint Frameworks 16/39 and reinstated boundaries for EFH closures established under Amendment 10 to the Scallop FMP. The final rule also revises the Scallop Access Area boundaries to be consistent with the redefined EFH closed areas. For more information regarding the amended regulations, contact Pete Christopher, Fishery Policy Analyst, at 978-281-9288.

  • Permit Holder Letter (10/31/05)
  • Federal Register Notice (11/03/2005)
  • Atlantic Sea Scallop Regulations General Category Fishery Fact Sheets
    • Permit Restrictions, VMS Requirements, Possession Limits, and Gear Requirements
    • Fishing Area Restrictions
    • Scallop Access Area Program Requirements

Last Updated: February 9, 2006

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