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Applicant Eligibility and Project Criteria

Under the General Conservation Plan (GCP), a dam is defined as a man-made barrier altering the flow of water or passage of fish, built across a watercourse for impounding or diverting water.

The eligibility criteria for participation in this GCP program are as follows:

1) Applicant must own or possess the right to remove, alter and maintain the existing dam structure or else be able to obtain such rights.

2) Applicant must demonstrate the ability to fund and carry out one of the recommended conservation strategies and associated mitigation identified in the GCP; including necessary measures to minimize or avoid take and compliance and effectiveness monitoring.

3) The dam structure cannot be licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to operate as a hydroelectric facility or otherwise generate electricity.Atlantic salmon river habitat, Downeast Maine river.  Credit: David Bean, NOAA.

4) The dam structure and operation cannot cause additional take of listed Atlantic salmon not authorized in an ITP issued by NOAA as part of the GCP.

5) The dam structure must belong to a non-federal entity and cannot be tied to any federal action or activity that would otherwise preclude the removal, alteration or operation and maintenance necessary to fully comply with one of the recommended conservation strategies described in the GCP.

6) The dam structure must be located within the identified geographic range covered in the appropriate GCP.

Mattamiscontis Dam.
Credit: Richard Cutting, Atlantic Salmon Commission.

Atlantic salmon river habitat, Downeast Maine river.
Credit: David Bean, NOAA.