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Building Partnerships... Getting involved in recovery

Photo credit: Atlantic Salmon Commission


As part of the initial development of the General Conservation Plan (GCP) concept, NOAA representatives considered the various alternatives and different approaches to conservation planning before initiating the project. During the development of the draft GCPs, NOAA sought public input on the documents. A series of informal, open public forums held throughout Maine were hosted by NOAA. In addition, representatives of the Penobscot Nation, Penobscot Trust and other non-governmental groups also presented relevant information.  The meetings focused on the “connectivity" aspect of river restoration and highlighted the importance of open rivers to the fish, and the people and communities along the river. The goal was to engage communities, stakeholders, local and tribal governments in the process.

If you have a project that meets the criteria outlined by the GCP, please contact us to determine what the best options might be.