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Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Plan - Nautical Charts

Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Plan Management Areas

Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan

In these high-resolution charts, the Northeast Multispecies Closure Areas have been overlaid onto the Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Plan Management Areas on NOAA nautical charts. The charts include a chart of the Northeast Multispecies Year-Round Closure Areas overlaid onto the New England portion of the HPTRP Management Areas, and also four additional charts of the Northeast Multispecies Seasonal Rolling Closures by month. Rolling Closure IV is not included because it is in effect during the month of June, during which time there are no HPTRP closures in effect. In areas where regulations overlap with HPTRP regulations, the more stringent regulations will apply. For a complete description of the Northeast Multispecies Regulations, see 50 CFR 648 or visit the Northeast Regional Office Sustainable Fisheries Division web site at