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River Herring Ecosystem Integration Committee

Alewife photo credit: Jerry Prezioso, NOAA

The Ecosystem Integration Committee is an overarching committee comprised of co-chairs from the 6 river herring TEWG subgroups.  Many of the issues that the subgroups will be addressing are interrelated, and therefore, the work of one subgroup may be very relevant to another.  This committee will ensure that the work of the subgroups is fully integrated to facilitate subgroup and TEWG discussions, as well as conservation planning development.  In order to successfully restore river herring, it is important to increase the resilience of both species, and as such, the full array of interactions within the ecosystems that they occupy must be considered.  Thus, this committee will make sure that an ecosystem perspective is taken by providing a forum to integrate information across the subgroups to inform the overall conservation strategy for these species. (Co-Chairs: Sean McDermott and Caitlin Starks).

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