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Subgroup Outcomes

Fisheries Subgroup

NOAA NMFS has worked with various organizations to identify individuals who possess expertise related to river herring, threats to their survival, and/or methods for assessing human and non-human impacts to river herring (e.g., connectivity, water quality/quantity, climate change, etc.) to participate on the Technical Expert Working Group (TEWG). The TEWG includes subgroups by topic to focus discussions.

The Fisheries Subgroup will consider the impacts from state and federal fisheries rangewide. (Co-chairs: Jason Didden and Mary Beth Tooley).

Meeting Details

2014 Meetings

August 15th, 10am

Audio Connection Details pop up when you connect (best option), but
if all else fails call directly: 800-832-0736, then *7833942#

The following documents were distributed to the group for discussion:

The following articles were distributed to the group:


May 1st

Background Information