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Subgroups of the Technical Expert Working Group

NOAA NMFS has worked with various organizations to identify individuals who possess expertise related to river herring, threats to their survival, and/or methods for assessing human and non-human impacts to river herring (e.g., connectivity, water quality/quantity, climate change, etc.) to participate on the Technical Expert Working Group (TEWG). The TEWG includes subgroups by topic to focus discussions.

Below provides an overview of the various subgroups of the TEWG.  These groups reflect the needs of NOAA Fisheries related to helping to provide information that will be useful in any future status review of river herring. Additional issues for subgroups to address may be added as the groups begin to move forward with this effort. The subgroups will also help contribute to the expected products of the TEWG (see below for expected products).

Climate Change (Co-chairs: Janet Nye and Mike Alexander)

Fisheries (Co-chairs: Jason Didden and Mary Beth Tooley)

Genetics/Hybrids/Landlocked Populations (Eric Palkovacs)

Habitat (Co-chairs: Alison Bowden and Jeffrey Pierce)

Species Interactions (Chair: Eric Schultz)

Stock Status (Co-Chairs: Kevin Sullivan and Michael Bailey)

Expected TEWG Products:

  1. Identify data gaps and threats to river herring (alewives and blueback herring) throughout their
  2. Create and monitor a list of conservation actions to address critical threats and associated costs.
  3. Create and monitor a list of research projects and associated costs to fill existing data gaps.
  4. Provide/compile information (e.g., updates on research projects or conservation actions) for NMFS/ASMFC to use in a dynamic, long term conservation planning effort.