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Isinglass - made from the swim bladder of sturgeon; used as a binding agent for paint, an adhesive, and also a clarifying agent for wine


Juvenile - the life stage at which fish exhibit most but not all traits of an adult fish


Larvae - the first mobile life stage of sturgeon after hatching from an egg
Loss of Habitat - when habitat or areas where animals live or occur is no longer available to them due to dam construction and pollution; habitat loss is thought to be a major factor in declining sturgeon populations


Migrate - to move from one area to another, usually for feeding or reproduction
Milt - combination of sperm cells of male fish with the fluid containing them; during spawning, the male releases milt as the female deposits her eggs
Mollusk - an invertebrate animal usually enclosed in a shell, such as an oyster, mussel or clam


Natal - pertaining to birth
Nantucket Sleigh Ride - a phrase to describe when a whale was harpooned and would drag the whaling boat behind him; typically used with whaling for sperm whales off of Nantucket
Nursery - the part of a fish’s or animal’s habitat where the young grow up, also known as rearing grounds