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Salting - the preservation of food with dry salt; related to pickling (preparing food with brine, i.e. salty water); one of the oldest methods of preserving food
Salt Wedge - the area in an estuary where there is minimal mixing of salt and fresh water; where the salt water forms a wedge thickest on the ocean side and tapered off toward the freshwater side
Satellite Tags - tags used for tracking that are capable of storing near exact location data as well as time and depth, which is then downloaded to satellites
Scales - small rigid plates that grow out of an animals skin for protection; sturgeon have ganoid scales
Scutes - modified boney ganoid scales on sturgeon; there are five rows on a sturgeon’s body that extend from the head to the base of the tail
Smoking (smoked) - smoking is the process of flavoring, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to the smoke from burning or smoldering plant materials, most often wood
Sturgeon - common name used for species of fish in the family Acipenseridae
Status Review - status reviews are comprehensive assessments of a species' biological status and its threats, and are the basis for making determinations as to whether a species warrants listing under the Endangered Species Act
Subadult - an animal that has not matured to an age where it can reproduce, but exhibits all external traits of the adult
Substrate - the sediment material found on the bottom of a body of water
Swim Bladder - an internal organ that enables fish to control buoyancy; this organ in sturgeon is used to make isinglass


Tracking - monitoring movements and activities
Tagging - a way to identify previously caught fish by marking them with wire or a flag; way to track fish when tagged with acoustic, PIT or satellite tags
Tanning - the process of making leather from the skins of animals using tannin, an acidic chemical compound
Threatened Species - a species that is likely to become endangered in the future
Turbine - a machine that uses moving water to create energy by passing the water through a series of blades


Waterway - any navigable body of water
Weir - a kind of trap for fishing; fishing weirs were constructed out of sticks that were woven together like a basket and configured in different patterns like a maze, where water could flow through, but the fish could not leave them


Yolk sac - a sac attached to an embryo that provides early nourishment; early stages of larva retain the yolk sac for nourishment


Zooplankton - tiny free floating organisms in aquatic systems that provide food for sturgeon in the larval stages