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Some of the rivers in the Northeast that the SCUTES sturgeon have been visiting!


Connecticut River * Connecticut

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Penobscot River * Maine

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Merrimack River * Massachusetts

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Delaware River * Delaware

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Additional Information Concerning the Rivers in the North East

  • Historically, Atlantic sturgeon were present in approximately 38 rivers in the United States from the Penobscot River, Maine to the Saint John’s River, Florida.
  • Atlantic sturgeon are currently present in 35 rivers, and spawning occurs in at least 20 of these rivers.
  • In Maine, Atlantic sturgeon are found in the Kennebec Complex, the Penobscot, and Saco Rivers.
  • Atlantic sturgeon are rarely observed in the Merrimack River, but sub-adults have been caught at the mouth of the river mouth during the summer time.
  • Historically, shortnose sturgeon were present in most major river systems along the Atlantic coast.
  • The current riverine distribution of shortnose sturgeon extends from the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada to possibly as far south as the St. Johns River, Florida.
  • Many tagging programs for sturgeon are occurring throughout their range.
  • In Massachusetts, NOAA Fisheries Service is funding a tagging study which is designed to explore the use of the Merrimack River by
    sub-adult fish during the summer months.
  • In Maine, studies are being conducted in the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers.