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Cooperation with Greater Atlantic Region States:
Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 6 Program

Annual Review of Section 6 Agreements

When weather and water conditions are appropriate, Virginia Aquarium Foundation staff members release turtles from the beach.  This turtle swam up into Maryland Chesapeake Bay waters within a week if its release from the Bay mouth in Virginia.
Photo: Virginia Aquarium Foundation

NOAA Fisheries Service conducts a statutorily required annual review of all section 6 agreements to ensure that its partner states are maintaining active programs for endangered and threatened species conservation. States are required to submit information to NOAA Fisheries Service to assist in this review by June 30 of each year. 

Prior to June 30, NOAA Fisheries Service sends each section 6 state agency a letter as a reminder of the upcoming June 30th deadline as well as a summary of the information it is requesting from the state to assist in its review of the state‚Äôs conservation programs.  NOAA Fisheries Service completes its review on or before October 1 each year..