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The GARFO PRD-USACE NAD 2017 NLAA Program (“2017 NLAA Program”) represents an interagency effort to streamline ESA consultation for routine, non-controversial projects that are not likely to adversely affect (NLAA) ESA-listed species or critical habitat. The 2017 NLAA Program does not address whether or not certain activity categories or stressor levels will have no effect on listed species or critical habitat (this remains under the discretion of individual NAD Districts). The purpose of the 2017 NLAA Program is to determine which activity categories and associated stressor thresholds provide a project’s eligibility for processing under the Program’s streamlined verification form. Those which are ineligible require individual section 7 consultation (informal or formal, depending on whether the proposed work will likely adversely affect listed species or habitat).

Please submit 2017 NLAA Program verification forms, together with any project plans, maps, supporting analyses, etc., to with "2017 NLAA Program" in the subject line.

Verification Form - Updated August 9, 2017

Example NLAA Project Using the Verification Form - Please download form for best viewing

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Programmatic Consultation

Biological Assessment

Biological Opinion - Take Reporting

Federal Action Agencies that authorize, fund, or carry out actions covered under a GARFO-issued Biological Opinion are required to report all incidental takes of ESA-listed species that occur during the scope of the project, per the Opinion’s non-discretionary Terms and Conditions. If an incidental take of an ESA-listed species occurs, the Action Agency should follow the standard operating procedures below, complete the Take Report Form immediately following the event (one per individual animal taken), and submit it electronically to

This guidance currently applies to all Biological Opinions in the Greater Atlantic Region (Maine through Virginia) that involve the following activities: pile driving, bridge/road construction, dredging, beach nourishment, vessel operations (e.g., work barges and tugs), and relocation trawling. If your Biological Opinion does not encompass the activities listed above, please follow the take reporting guidance listed in your Opinion’s Terms and Conditions until otherwise notified by a GARFO PRD Section 7 biologist.

If an incidental take of an ESA-listed species occurs during a Federal dredging, nourishment, or construction activity not currently covered under a GARFO-issued Biological Opinion, the Federal action agency may use the form below to report it to us.

Sturgeon Take Standard Operating Procedures

Sea Turtle Take Standard Operating Procedure

Take Report Form for ESA-Listed Species - Updated December 5, 2017

Please submit completed Take Report Forms, together with any supporting photos or videos, to with “Take Report Form” in the subject line.

Last Updated: December 6, 2017