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2011 Sturgeon Workshop - Day 1 (Feb 8) Presentations

  1. Management Process (Stephania Bolden)
  2. Recovery/Proactive Conservation (Larissa Plants)
  3. Outreach (Russ Bohl)
  4. Funding Opportunities and Funded Projects (Lisa Manning)
  5. Sturgeon Collection and Tissue Sampling Database (Jess Pruden)
  6. Tagging Database and Sturgeon Database (Sheila Eyler)
  7. Salvage Program (Jess Pruden)
  8. Permits (Collette Cairns)
  9. ASMFC Sturgeon Technical Committee and NEAMAP Updates (Kate Taylor)
  10. Atlantic Sturgeon Studies in the Bay of Fundy (Mike Stokesbury)