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Dynamic and Seasonal Area Management

The Dynamic Area Management (DAM) program was implemented from 2002- 2009 to protect unexpected aggregations of right whales that met an appropriate trigger by temporarily restricting lobster trap/pot and anchored gillnet fishing in a designated DAM area. The Seasonal Area Management (SAM) program, also implemented in 2002, identified two management areas based on annual predictable aggregations of right whales, and required gear modifications for lobster trap/pot and anchored gillnet gear in these areas on a seasonal basis. These programs were removed from the ALWTRP as a result of the addition of gear modifications that were expected to reduce the risk of entanglements.

DAM Actions

DAM and SAM Key Documents




DAM Proposed Rule 66 FR 50160 10/02/2001
Final Rule Environmental Assessment N/A 12/28/2001
DAM Final Rule 67 FR 1133 01/09/2002
DAM Gear Modification Proposed Rule 68 FR 10195 03/04/2003
DAM Final Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Impact Review N/A 08/06/2003
Technical Amendment for SAM and DAM Final Rule 67 FR 65722 10/28/2002
DAM Gear Modifications Final Rule 68 FR 51195 08/26/2003
SAM Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 66 FR 50390 10/03/2001
SAM Proposed Rule 66 FR 59394 11/28/2001
SAM Interim Final Rule Environmental Assessment N/A 12/28/2001
SAM Interim Final Rule 67 FR 1142 01/9/2002