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The Take Reduction Team
Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Sub-Group 2011 Meeting

April 5 - 8, 2011
Baltimore, MD

Meeting Documents

---Day One---

* to be provided at TRT meeting

  1. General Meeting Information
    1. Draft Agenda
    2. Proposed Ground Rules
    3. 2011 TRT Member Roster
    4. List of ALWTRT Meeting Materials
  2. Gear Research Materials
    1. UNH Grant Report-- Time Tension Line Cutter
    2. UNH Grant Report--An Automated RFID and GPS Fixed Gear Identification System for Onboard Real-time Data Collection
    3. PCCS/MDMF Grant Report-- Investigation of Practical Aspects of Marking Fixed Fishing Gear With Coded Wire Tags To Better Understand Whale Entanglement
    4. ALWTRP Draft Whale Research Matrix
    5. ALWTRP Draft Gear Research Matrix
  3. 2009 ALWTRT Meeting Follow-up Materials
    1. Updates on ALWTRP since 2009
    2. ALWTRP Vertical Line Rule Development and Plan Monitoring Schedule
    3. Update on Actions Items since 2009
      1. Gear Marking Concept Paper Presentation
      2. Mid-Atlantic Work Group Presentation
      3. Ropeless Gear Concept Paper Presentation
    4. Process for considering exemptions
    5. Key Outcomes of Mid-Atlantic data workshop
    6. Gear marking concept paper
    7. Lineless Fishing concept paper
  4. Background Information
    1. Large Whale Entanglement and Ship Strike Reports 2008
      1. Entanglement Presentation
    2. 2009-2011 Preliminary Large Whale and Ship Strike Summary
    3. Reports/Materials from States
      1. Maryland
      2. Georgia
    4. Humpback Whale Status Review Update
    5. Enforcement Update
    6. Key Outcomes of 2010 Northeast Subgroup Meeting
    7. Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction: Large Whale Entanglement Workshop Summary

---Day Two---

  1. Materials from Industrial Economics*
    1. Vertical Line Presentation
    2. State Data Presentation
    3. SPUE Presentation
    4. Co-occurrence Presentation
    5. Update to Southeast Data

---Day Three---

  1. Materials from NMFS regarding the model*
    1. Vertical Line Management Strategy Overview
    2. Mid-Atlantic Scenarios
    3. Southeast Scenarios
  2. Northeast Work Group Jan. 25, 2011 Meeting Summary
  3. Northeast Work Group March 9, 2011 Meeting Summary
  4. Criteria for Vertical Line Reduction Proposals

---Day Four---

  1. Key Outcomes of Scarification Workshop
    1. Scarification Presentation
  2. Update on ALWTRP Monitoring Strategy
  3. Draft Outline of Monitoring Strategy
  4. Species Stock Assessment Information