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The Take Reduction Team
2015 Meeting
January 12-14, 2015
Providence, RI


This website is intended to support deliberations of the Federally-appointed Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team. Specifically, the Team uses this site to access meeting documents, presentations, and interim draft work products developed by the Team; documents are not considered "final" unless specifically noted as such.

Meeting Documents

  1. Agenda
  2. TRT Operating Protocols
  3. MA DMF Proposal
    1. MA DMF Addendum
    2. MA DMF Presentation
  4. RI DEM Proposal
    1. RI DEM Presentation
  5. ME DMR Proposal
    1. ME DMR Presentation
  6. Conservation Community Proposal
  7. NH DFG Proposal
    1. NH DFG Presentation
  8. Outreach Guides
  9. SAFMC Amendment 16 Summary Document
  10. SAFMC Black Sea Bass Presentation
  11. IEc Updates and Analysis of Team Members' Proposals
    1. Exemption Data
  12. ALWTRP Monitoring Update