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Framework 21 to the Multispecies FMP
Scallop Dredge Fishing in EEZ

Date: February 20, 1997

Dear Sea Scallop Permit Holder:

This is to inform you that Framework Adjustment 21 to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan (FMP) was recently approved and the following measures are effective on February 20, 1997:

General category scallop permit holders and limited access scallop vessels not fishing under a day-at-sea (DAS) may fish for sea scallops in the area defined as the "Small Mesh Northern Shrimp Exemption Area" (see attached chart) , provided that the scallop dredge does not exceed 10.5 feet in width, or in combined width if two dredges are used. This exemption does not apply to the Mid-coast Closure Areas (see attached charts) and prohibits the landing or possession of any species other than Atlantic sea scallops.

This letter is only a summary of the major measures and has no legal force or effect. There are other requirements that may not be mentioned. To read the requirements in their entirety, you are urged to obtain a complete copy of the regulations by calling 508-281-9278.


Point N. Lat. W. Long.
SM1 4135' 7000'
SM2 4135' 6940'
SM3 4249.5' 6940'
SM4 4312' 6900'
SM5 4341' 6800'
G2 4358' 6722'; (the U.S.-Canada maritime Boundary).
G1 (/1/) (/1/)

/1/ Northward along the irregular U.S.-Canada maritime boundary to the shoreline.


Jeffreys Ledge Closure Area

For the calendar year 1997, vessels are only subject to the Jeffreys Ledge Closure Area, during the period May 1 through May 31.

Point N. Lat W. Long.
JL8 4330' (1)
JL9 4330' 7000'
JL10 4230' 7000'
JL11 4230' 7030'
JL12 (1) 7030'

1 Maine Shoreline

For 1998 and beyond, vessels are subject to the Mid-Coast Closure Area, during the period May 10 through May 30.

Mid-Coast Closure Area

Point N. lat. W. long.
MC1 4230' (1)
MC2 4230' 7015'
MC3 4240' 7015'
MC4 4240' 7000'
MC5 4300' 7000'
MC6 4300' 6930'
MC7 4315' 6930'
MC8 4315' 6900'
MC9 (2) 6900'

/1/ Massachusetts shoreline.

/2/ Maine shoreline.

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