National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Marine Fisheries Service
Northeast Regional Office / Fisheries Statistics Office
Georges Bank Sea Scallop Exemption Fishery
(A preliminary monitoring report)
data last updated on17-Sep-99
Directed Scallop Fishery (meat weight) Yellowtail Flounder Bycatch (live weight)
Total Allowable Catch (TAC)

9,384,812 lbs

853,165 lbs

(4,257 mt)*

(387 mt)*

Total Catch to date



% of TAC



* 2,204.56 lbs equal 1 metric ton (mt)
Trips Number of Vessels
Number of Trips1







Total Number of Participating Vessels


Number of Scallop Fishing Trips1


Percentage of Observed Trips


This report is based on information provided daily by vessels fishing in Closed Area II via the weathertrac reporting system. The information provided includes only the weather trac system number unique to the vessel, the time and location when the report was transmitted, and the total amount of scallops caught since the previous report (lbs of meat). For vessels carrying observer, the report also includes the observed catch of scallops (lbs of meat) and the pounds of yellowtail flounder caught since the previous report. Determination of number of trips is based on there being a break of at least 1.5 days between reports and for vessels without observers a cumulative catch of scallops of at least 8,000 pounds, for vessels with an observer on board, a new trip was determined to have begun if there was a break of at least 1.5 days between reports and the vessel had a catch of at least 10,000 pounds of scallops. For a variety of reasons (e.g., gear or engine problems), there may have been a time lag between reports greater than 1.5 days for some vessels while still at sea.

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